My sporty is up for sale....here's the CL post for more information  http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/mcy/2947029201.html.  

Asking 7k o.b.o...


Come out and support our homies

A few weeks ago some good friends had multiple encounters with those 4 wheeled machines known as cars.  Dice is putting on a benefit for them so if you can, you should all make it out and support. Should be a real fun time.


Wires wires wire

Building a wiring harness from scratch isn't very fun I've decided.  Especially when the customer wants to keep stock hand controls, turn signals and electric start.  Even with all that it looks a lot cleaner than before and thankfully everything is finally wired up, hidden away, and working.


BBQ at Captains

My buddy Casey had a BBQ at his store "Captains" in Redwood City.  It was super fun,  good people,  a fun ride out there, and free food and beer,  what else could you ask for.  If you guys are ever in the South Bay you should stop by his shop,  it's got everything you need from skateboards, to clothes, to some parts for your chopper. Check him out online- http://www.captainssk8.com/

Nice little setup in back of the store. 

Spade George showed up at the BBQ too.  He's a legend and he rules, so does his shovel

Also got another sporty project to throw in the mix...


Progress, finally...

The past few days have been good and productive on the xs650.

Got the carbs completely rebuilt and painted..

Built a little electronics box...

And some fender mounts...

Got some stuff back from powdercoating...

And finally all going back together, hopefully it'll be done this week.


Supercross in Oakland

Thanks to Kevin and his good friend Richard who's a mechanic for one of the KTM teams, we got some VIP wristbands and ran a muck around the pits and stadium.  Super fun time, drank lots of Jameson, and saw some "interesting" people.....

Like this guy...


Shop Dog

My pup, Lydia, found a new bed...she's got good taste, 1948 wishbone frame.


Hand sanding and polishing makes my fingers hurt, but looks mighty nice in the end.


So just finished up this homemade blasting cabinet. I'm no carpenter but it turned out pretty sweet and actually works pretty good. The inside measures 3'x 2'x 5' so you can blast any size frame, wheels, fullsize people and much more....